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Inclusive Futsal: More Than a Game, A Community

Welcome to the dynamic world of inclusive futsal!

Inclusive United, Co-Founder, Thomas Light, put forward the idea of Inclusive Futsal when Inclusive United first launched in September 2023. He was quite persistent about starting these sessions and he was quite right about it! The sessions are very popular!

Inclusive futsal isn't just about playing a game; it's about creating a community that celebrates differences, embraces diversity, and kicks down barriers. As we continue to enjoy the fast-paced excitement of futsal, we celebrate the inclusive spirit that makes every session a win for everyone involved.

Inclusive United's Head Coach and Tier 1 Futsal Player, Hannah Coote, brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and energy to the sessions run every Thursday and Friday at Herts Sports Village, Hatfield.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, inclusive futsal welcomes everyone. It's a space where differences are not only accepted but celebrated, fostering a sense of belonging for all participants.

Step onto the inclusive futsal court by booking a session here or if you would like to organise an exclusive group session, contact us.

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