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About us
Kindness.  Dedication.  Expertise.  Passion.

Our team are kind, dynamic individuals who are all passionate about making a difference and providing a safe, fun, environment for individuals to flourish. 


Thomas Light

Founder & Apprentice Coach 

A sports student and fan of everything football, Thomas is passionate about creating more opportunities for players with a disability to play football and futsal and to help to create more opportunities for work within football and sport overall.  Thomas brings great enthusiasm and vision to Inclusive United and is the reason why the idea for this Community Interest Company first came about.   Thomas plays pan disability football for St Albans City Youth FC Inclusive Team, loves to visit sports stadiums, and gain work experience within football at every opportunity.  He is currently on a supported internship working within sport and is excited to be part of growing more opportunities mainly  around sports fitness, football and futsal for Inclusive United. 


Hannah Coote 

Founder & Director of Coaching & Development

Hannah is extremely passionate about what she does.  She has been a semi-professional football player and has played for Tottenham Hotspur FC WSL Academy, London Bees FC and Watford FC.  She has recently started playing futsal in Tier 1 for Hertfordshire Vipers.  Hannah is an FA UEFA C qualified coach with over 10 years coaching experience.  She has her own coaching business and is Head Coach for the St Albans City Youth FC Inclusive Section working since 2021 with pan disability players aged 7 through to adult.  Hannah has also just completed a year working as an SEN TA at a local SEN School where she gained a great deal of experience.  Hannah has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for inclusive sport.  Hannah won Herts FA Disability Sports Coach of the Year 2023. 


Martina Hardy

Founder & Director of People

Martina is a long-term supporter and advocate for inclusive sport and is passionate about providing opportunities to disadvantaged individuals.  She is a highly experienced human resources and recruitment professional and has a strong background in playing, coaching and managing football.  Martina is a qualified football coach and is the Head of the Girls Section at Berkhamsted Raiders FC and Manager and Coach of the U15's Reds team.  She has extensive experience in providing safe, fun and high quality football.  As well as coaching at Inclusive United, Martina heads up the human resources and development of the coach and management team and is passionate about creating an environment which supports and nurtures individuals to help them reach their potential.  Martina is passionate about people. 

Nick Light

Founder, Director & Inclusive Football Champion

Nick is driven to make a difference in disability football.  He is a Commercial Director for CGI and owner of Fighting Fit Football.  Nick  started Fighting Fit Football, a community football team for people with young-onset Parkinson’s, with the aim of encouraging people with Parkinson’s to come together and exercise.  Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Inclusive United and is dedicated to providing any support from the sidelines that he can.   In 2022 Nick and Fighting Fit Football won the FA Project of the Year proving that anything is possible.  Nick is supporting Inclusive United all the way and is excited for the future for pan disability sport.  

Hayley Caine

Founder,Director & Business & Finance Specialist

Hayley is an highly experienced business professional who helps businesses and community organisations to grow and specialises in helping organisations to deliver real impact.   Hayley has a background in behavioural science, sales and marketing, finance, training and business coaching.  She uses her experience, knowledge, skills and tools to develop key strategies and works with teams implement activities to achieve their overall aims and objectives.  Hayley has her own consulting business and partners with complementary businesses to provide a complete solution.  Hayley is passionate about organisations who are striving to improve the opportunities for disadvantaged individuals. 

Tracy Light

Founder & Managing Director

Having seen first-hand the difference it makes, Tracy is passionate about creating opportunities for players of all abilities, to play sport and develop. She has been a champion of inclusive football for over 10 years and is dedicated to continuing to level out the opportunities for sport for all.  Tracy is the Head of the Inclusive Section at St Albans City Youth FC and was Secretary of Herts Youth Inclusive Football for over 7 years. Tracy has over 20 years experience of growing businesses and charities. As well as increasing the playing opportunities, Tracy is keen to encourage employers in the sports industry to provide more inclusive employment and work experience. Named writer in Football She Wrote, Tracy is a visionary and has some exciting ideas! 



Rugby Players


One of our main causes at Inclusive United is to increase the opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities or additional needs to participate in football, irrespective of their age, gender or ability. Everyone deserves the chance to experience the physical, emotional and social benefits of team exercise and this has never been more relevant since the Covid pandemic.


By creating a community who share common goals and experiences, Inclusive United members are

happier and healthier as a result.




One of the main reasons Inclusive United was founded is because we recognise that sport can create opportunities and life chances that may not ordinarily arise. This is especially true of those with a disability or additional needs, who may find choices unfairly limited by their circumstances. Sport opens doors - socially, educationally and vocationally - and with the right support there is no reason why these choices aren't available to all.

Our learning opportunities can also turn these goals into a reality for those interested in developing their sporting and educational opportunities, which could eventually lead to a career in sport. 

Work Portrait
Outdoor Football Training


According to the Activity Alliance 4 in 5 disabled individuals want to be more active but inclusive sporting opportunities can often be limited. 

Alongside other key organisations and partners, we strive to help to reduce the gap in sports provision for individuals with a learning disability or additional needs through our Community Outreach program. By helping other non-profit organisations and community groups to spread the word or in some cases, deliver inclusive football and futsal events for the local community, Inclusive United can help more individuals to take part in sport, feel part of something positive and improve their physical and mental wellbeing as a result. Our football, futsal and multi-sports introductory sessions are delivered in a supportive and enjoyable way and are perfect for both beginners and more experienced players.  Get in touch to talk through how we may be able to help.  

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