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New Inclusive Sports and Social Hub for Young Adults with Learning Disabilities

Updated: Feb 5

Inclusive United CIC launches its new Inclusive Sports and Social Hub at Grovehill Adventure Playground in Hemel Hempstead on Tuesday 27th February 2024.

A welcoming and vibrant community space:

This new sports and social hub is designed exclusively for young adults with mild learning disabilities aged 18+ and aims to be a welcoming and vibrant community space that embraces abilities, fosters connections, and celebrates the unique strengths of each individual.

The Inclusive United Inclusive Sports and Social Hub will provide every individual, regardless of their abilities, the opportunity to experience the joy of sports and the warmth of community. There will be a mix of inclusive sport, football, multi-sports, ball games, quizzes and if the weather is not on our side, there is an indoor area for pool, table tennis and other fun games.

Building Confidence and Independence:

Life Skills Development:

Our programs extend beyond the sports arena, emphasising the development of essential life skills. From communication to teamwork, we aim to empower our inclusive sports and social hub community members to navigate life with confidence.

Book your place on the Inclusive United Inclusive Sports and Social Hub here or get in touch for more information. For some participants there is potentially some assistance with transport.

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