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Nurturing Dreams - the journey so far for Inclusive United's Supported Intern

Updated: Jan 29

Transforming aspirations to inclusive opportunities

We are excited to share the journey so far, of a supported intern working in the dynamic world of inclusive sport.

Inclusive United's supported intern, Thomas, is a great example of the exciting possibilities that unfold when dreams meet the right support!

Since September 2023, Thomas has been undertaking a supported internship with North Herts College and spending one day per week with Inclusive United CIC. Thomas, who has down syndrome, is currently navigating the exciting realms of inclusive futsal, gaining valuable work experience, improving his confidence and enjoying sharing his boundless enthusiasm for football and futsal with other young adults.

Thomas left school with a strong interest in building a career in sport. However, the opportunities for many with learning disabilities to be accepted onto mainstream sports courses and to build a career in sport are still, unfortunately, quite limited. Thomas completed his BTEC Sport at school and went onto college to study an entry level sports studies course for two years. He is now completing a one year supported internship and part of his internship is with Inclusive United CIC.

Thomas is actually the inspiration behind Inclusive United. He has had a strong interest in football since the age of six, and more recently in the last couple of years, his interest in futsal has also grown.

Hands-On Experience:

Inclusive United's intern, Thomas, is not confined to the side lines; he is actively involved in hands-on experiences. From session planning to gaining practical coaching skills that go beyond theoretical knowledge. He is also involved in decision making meetings and regularly puts forward ideas for the business to grow. It was his idea to start the Futsal Friday's at Inclusive United!

Building Confidence:

Through meaningful experiences and accomplishments, confidence is soaring. Thomas is discovering his strengths, overcoming challenges, and realising the immense potential he can bring to the overall sports landscape.

Personal Growth:

Beyond the technical skills, our intern, Thomas, is experiencing personal growth. Learning to navigate the professional world, building resilience, and honing problem-solving skills which are all part of the transformative journey.

Advocate for Inclusion:

Thomas is not just an individual on a career path; he is an advocate for inclusion in sports. His journey continues to be an inspirational story, paving the way for others and challenging preconceived notions about abilities and aspirations.

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